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A Biathlon is made up of two different sporting events. It is mostly known as a winter sport which combines cross country skiing and rifle shooting. There are other combinations such as cross country running and rifle shooting but this is summer sport along with cross country running and swimming.

The Biathlon originated in Norway in 1861 as a training program for the Norwegian soldiers and was known as 'Military Patrol'. The sport grew in popularity but wasn't recognised as a winter sport until the mid 1950's when it finally gained entry into the Winter Olympics.

The first biathlon World Championship was held in Austria in 1958 and was welcomed in the 1960 Olympic Games as a men only winter sport. The first Olympic Biathlon for women occured more recently in 1992 has continued to increase in popularity ever since.

An individual race, 20km long, whereby the biathlete shoots four times at any shooting lane and for every target that's missed there's a fixed penalty time of one minute which is added to the skiing time of the biathlete.

A sprint race, 10km long whereby the biathlete shoots twice at any shooting lane for a total of 10 shots but for every shot missed the biathlete must ski an extra 150m before the race can continue.

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