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Prepaid credit cards

Credit Card Payments When Sports Betting

With online and mobile sports betting being so popular these days we need to know the safest and most efficient way to make deposits and collect our winnings.The first way that comes to mind is by using your debit or credit card.Unfortunately this isn't so easy these days with many credit card companies blocking transactions to some offshore sportsbooks. There are still sportsbooks out there however that'll take credit and debit cards without a problem.

Which Credit Cards Are Accepted

Although most cards are accepted it depends more on where you're gambling from. If you're from the U.S. for example there are more restrictions due to gambling legislation from state to state.In Europe or Australia it is legal to gamble online therefore the credit card payment should not be a problem.

At we supply you with the payment methods for every sportsbook we review. You'll find as a basic rule to follow visa card seems to be the mostly accepted worldwide but there's still no promises that there will not be a block for gaming transactions.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are a convenient way to pay saving yourself the extra payment fees taken by the bank. They are an extremely safe way to make an online payment. You can top them up with a smaller amount of money and should anyone get your prepaid card details there is no chance of entering or knowing your other bank details.

You can top up your prepay card in the post office or grocery store. The most popular card found in Canada is a 'Canada Post Visa' which is reloadable at any one of the 6,000 Canada Post locations and has a maximum balance on a permanent card at any time is $10,000. 'American Express' also have a prepaid card wich can be use all over the U.S. and has no fees unless you use it to withdraw from an ATM. Also 'PAYPAL' prepaid mastercard can be used worldwide.

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