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What Is Sports Betting Exchange

In the past we have used a registered bookies to make a bet but now with modern technology moving so fast it's becoming more and more popular to use our computers or mobiles to make a bet. Exchange betting has therefore come onto the scene allowing the players to bet against eachother leaving out the middle man.

Sometime known as 'player to player betting' since the bookmaker isn't needed as a go between for the punters. This relatively new way of betting is incredibly exciting for online gambling and can prove to be more profitable too.

What is 'bet' and 'lay'?

These are the terms given for the betting exchanges. Quite simply you can either make a bet on something ,(or 'back' a race horse). or you can 'lay' which is betting against something.

Tips on How to Bet

Remember the better the odds the more money you're going to win. Look out for races or games that are popular among the public and place your bet as early as possible. The longer you leave it the stronger the competition can get and the lower the odds can become.

Your main aim is to bet on that race with highest price possible and lay when it drops to the lowest price possible that way you'll be sure to win cash back.Be sure to finish your trading a couple of hours before the event begins as the odds will fluctuate the closer the time comes and the more bets are being made.

Advantages of Betting Exchange

  • Betting online is quicker and easier when done on line
  • You Can bet exchange using using you iphone or mobile device at anytime of the day or night and from any where in the world.
  • You'll have more chance of winning with better odds.
  • Wins or losses are reported immediately.
  • The returs are going to be higher without a high percentage being taken out by the bookies.
  • Online punters have the option of asking for better odds.
  • It has been known for the book makers to ban someone who wins at too many games. This will never happen with an exchange done online.

Disadvantages of Betting Exchange

  • You'll now be up agains the world of proffessional gamblers so don't lay out a load of money if you can't afford to loose it, there's alot of strong competition out there
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